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Making theatre with an all-female twist.

Past shows

Hecate has been producing all-female shows since 2010; find out about a few of our previous productions below.


Tour 2015
8-9 April – The Rondo Theatre, Bath Comedy Festival
11 April – Cotswold Playhouse, Stroud
14 April – Barnsfield Theatre, Exeter
16 April – Anglican Chapel in Arnos Vale, Bristol

A brand new adaptation of Aristophanes’ zany comedy about summoning dead playwrights to settle a divine score. Join the god of drama, Dionysus, on a journey to the Underworld to spark rivalry, ribbiting and an epic battle of wits. Hecate Theatre’s Frogs is an all-female take on this bonkers Greek classic. Featuring a literary smack-down between William Shakespeare and Jane Austen, and with a quirky choral soundtrack, Hecate create an eerie post-apocalyptic world in which the grotesque ‘frogs’ tell their story as an ensemble cast of five females.

“The real star of the show here is the ensemble cast who croak, sing and banter their way through a sparkling, relevant script” – Bristol Culture
“Extremely entertaining, an absolute delight to watch from start to finish” ***** – Theatre Bath
“A crafty and clever fusion of the ancient and modern worlds… energetic, fast-paced, and amusing.” **** Inter:Mission

PrintScript adapted by Charles Scherer
Directed by Abbi Davey
Artist Charlotte Cooke
Music by Sara Garrard

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

writing-for-womenWriting for Women

23 February – The Yard, Bristol BS1 1QZ

We’re following up on our 2013 panel debate, Curtains for Feminism?, with an evening of discussion on the topic of Writing for Women.

Who do you write for and what do you write about? In the theatre, there are proportionately far more male writers and directors than female, yet there are more female actors looking for work in the industry. For one evening’s discussion, Hecate Theatre bring together five panellists from different backgrounds in the worlds of theatre and feminism, to present and converse on what it means to write as a woman, for women, and about women.

Panellists include:
Jane Duffus (What the Frock!)
Elaine Miles (local writer, The Rondo Writers Network)
Abbi Davey (director of Frogs)
Tamara Prenn (University of Bristol Feminist Society)
with music from Helena Hoyle

Entry is £2 on the door. No booking is required. Have your say – join the conversation.

Madam_websiteThe Madam

March-October 2013: The Alma Tavern, Bristol; Stratford-Upon-Avon Theatre festival; The Mission Theatre, Bath

Who can you trust? Who should you believe? It’s 1966 and three sisters live in apparent harmony. Little do they know, they are about to receive a visitor from their past intent on dragging up secrets they tried to forget. What dreadful truth lurks beneath the surface of their sibling rivalry? Hecate Theatre breathe new life into Gwen Cherrell’s parlour-room drama, revelling in the vintage vibe, with their sixth show to date. Directed by Hecate newcomer, Ed Browning, and with original music by Sara Garrard.

“The four women weave their way through the script with natural ease and a certain charm… it’s definitely worth heading over to the Alma before the end of the run!” **** – Theatre Bath

curtainsCurtains for Feminism

March 2013: The Birdcage, Bristol

As an all-female theatre company, we pride ourselves on producing theatre for casts made up of solely women, without typically ‘feminist’ subject matter. But what should theatre for women really be about? Hecate present an evening asking just that – featuring speakers from varying backgrounds in theatre-making and performance, plus a Q&A with the audience. Why is ‘feminism’ such a scary topic to discuss nowadays and what is its relevance when it comes to creating theatre?

A lively, engaging evening awaits, mixing discussion and opinion with comedy, poetry and audience Q&A. Evening includes a wine reception. Speakers include: Sharon Clark (Literary Producer, Bristol Old Vic), Elf Lyons (Comedian), Kate Williams (Performance Poet)

graveyard-slot-videoThe Graveyard Slot

January-October 2012: The Little Black Box and The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol; The Rondo, Bath
The Edinburgh Festival, August 2013: Theatre 1, theSpace @ Surgeons Hall

A radio play performed live! Hecate return to the Fringe with a feast of funny and fright. Join a handful of actors, two microphones, a keyboard and a variety of sound-making props, in a live radio comedy paying homage to wireless dramas of the 1940s/50s. When Janet De Bastion returns to her family home for a grand birthday party, she is shocked to discover that her eccentric late Uncle Ignatius, who claimed to have discovered the secret of alchemy just before his untimely death, has left her a treasure map in his will. However, it transpires that Janet isn’t the only one hunting for Uncle Iggy’s gold, entangling her in a cast of crackpot characters, crime, mystery and voices from beyond the grave…

“an enthralling, wholly attractive performance for its audience, courtesy of inventive staging and an extremely talented cast… very funny and very intriguing” **** – RemoteGoat

mets-videoMetamorphoses: Fables from Ovid

March-September 2011: The Lansdown, Bristol
The Edinburgh Festival, August 2012: Theatre 1, theSpace @ Surgeons Hall

Not for the faint-hearted. Six myths from Ovid’s Metamorphoses are retold by four girls and their Matron, in a Victorian boarding school dormitory. The night before their debutant ball, where they will transform (in the eyes of society) into women, they recount stories of transformation to each other, using only bed linen to weave their tales. Horror blends with comedy through inspired staging and a darkly twisted script.

“Pared down Metamorphoses it may be, but it’s full of charisma and completely engaging.” **** –Fest Mag
A “wonderfully fresh and lively production” **** – British Theatre Guide