Hecate Theatre Co.

Making theatre with an all-female twist.


Hecate Theatre aim to reinvent Classical and Modern theatre with an all-female cast.

In an industry which offers more work for males than females, we feel this balance needs readdressing. Our company was founded on the belief that stories can feature more female than male characters and be compelling for all audiences; we aim to overcome the stigma that stories about women are only for women. Moreover, an extremely interesting effect is created when a male character is embodied in a female form, when male words are spoken with a female tongue – and that is something we like to explore. We’re proud to have formed in Bristol and to be part of the cultural hub here.

“Hecate’s Metamorphoses in its adaptation, intepretation and performance shows that Bristol really is the place for nurturing genuine talent in the arts!” – Audrey Tang, RemoteGoat.co.uk

Although our shows are all performed with an entirely female cast, we welcome contributions to our productions from anyone and everyone (whatever your gender)! If you have a script or an idea for a show, with an all-female cast, please get in touch.

Who we are

A few of the hearts and minds at Hecate HQ:

Hannah-Marie Chidwick – Artistic Director / Show Producer
Hannah-Marie founded the company in 2010 to provide a creative space for all-female casts and to fulfill her ambition of reviving Classical stories onstage. She is also an actor based in Bristol and is usually accompanied by black coffee and a ridiculous accent.
Twitter: @hannahmarie_c
Spotlight PIN: 3571-9089-7999

Nicola Foxfield – Co-Producer
Nicola hopped onboard the Hecate team in 2012, assistant producing Metamorphoses: Fables from Ovid, in which she also performed. She is a triple threat based in London and can sometimes be found aboard steam engines.
Twitter: @NicolaFoxfield

Sara Garrard – Composer / Musician
Sara has composed for every Hecate show to date, from her inventive choral take on “In the Hall of the Mountain King” for A Halloween Cabaret to her live piano soundtrack to The Graveyard Slot. She is a musician and freelance composer based in Bristol and makes a mean pancake.
Twitter: @SaraLGarrard

Gemma Reynolds – Associate Artist
Since first performing with us in Metamorphoses: Fables from Ovid, Gemma has been an invaluable source of wisdom, support and creative input to all here at Hecate HQ – always ready to help out or offer advice at (or on) any stage. She is a theatre and film actor based in Bristol, an avid cinephile and coffee enthusiast.
Twitter: @GemmaHReynolds
Spotlight PIN: 6214-6752-5466

For more details on what we’re up to at the moment, head over to our Current Shows page.