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Who do you write for?

As another year rolls into view, and all at Hecate HQ glare alarmed at their rapidly changing desk calendars, we feel a change in the winter air. A big change. Since we started with our teeny freebie, A Halloween Cabaret, four years back, there has been something of a resurgence in the world of feminist media. We’ve heard about the Bechdel test, seen females take on Shakespearean heroes at the main stages in London, and sparked reviewer after reviewer to criticise films, TV and theatre for underusing or patronising their female characters. So far, so good.

However, while everyone is finally turning their eyes to the stage, we want to direct everyone a little further into the shadows – to the writers and directors. We’ve always had an open policy at Hecate that to be in the cast, you have to identify yourself as female, but to write, direct, produce, compose or build a set for us, it’s anyone’s game. On the 23rd February this year, we invite speakers, debaters and open minds to attend a panel conversation on the subject of Writing for Women.

We’ll be asking who you write for when you visualise a play taking shape, whether there is a different goal or a wholly different process in play when writing for either female performers or a female audience. Moreover, is there still a significant gender gap when it comes to representing and performing women’s work – or work for women?

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