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The eye of the storm

Working in production is a funny old game; in many ways it’s rather like a hurricane. There’s a flurry of activity in pre-production when the show is being cast, the venue confirmed, posters designed and the PRs written. Then after that initial whirlwind of activity – where there are simply not enough hours in the day – comes that moment of eerie calm, when there is little to do but wait. It is the eye of the storm. You know it’s not the end, you know that soon the storm will return and the production team will be rushed off their feet as rehearsals gather apace and the social media machine grinds into noisy action. However, until then there’s very little to do that hasn’t already been done. This eye doesn’t last very long, a few days at most, so the sensible thing to do would be to take advantage of this brief pause, to rest, re-energise and catch up on sleep, yes? But do the production team do this? No. They bite their nails, worry about what’s still to be done and lose sleep thinking of witty (?) blogs to write.

Now, when is that storm of activity and 14 hour days going to hit? As, quite frankly, anything else would be boring.

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